Joint OPP/OPG Ad Takes Lighthearted Approach to Serious Subject

Jun 30, 2009

    Risk taking fishermen are target of new water safety campaign

    TORONTO, June 30 /CNW/ - The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and Ontario
Power Generation (OPG) are reminding people that summer fun can turn to
tragedy in seconds if care isn't used on Ontario waterways, especially near
hydro dams.
    The OPP and OPG are also targeting fishermen with a light hearted ad
featuring the voice of actor Steve Smith, aka Red Green.
    "We aimed our ads directly at the one group, fishermen who ignore
warnings and signs, and risk their lives by fishing near dams. They just don't
seem to 'get' the water safety message. Water conditions can change in a snap.
I say men because research has shown that they are more likely to take risks
on the water," says John Murphy, OPG's Executive Vice-President Hydroelectric.
    The same research shows that making people aware they can face charges
and be subject to fines when taking risks near dams may be a more effective
    Sergeant Dave Moffat, who heads up Marine Programs for the OPP, noted
that every summer OPP officers respond to accidents that are often
    "These ads are meant to be fun but they carry a serious message. We're
hoping they open people's eyes and make them realize they could be putting
themselves and others at risk;" he said.
    The ads will supplement existing OPP/OPG print and radio ads and will run
through the summer on TV stations throughout the province. The ad can be
viewed at or The ad will be available for
newscasts to download at
    Hydroelectric facilities are often remotely controlled to generate
electricity as needed. This causes frequent and rapid changes in the water
flow often creating strong undertows, turbulence and sudden, powerful surges
of water moving downstream in what was once calm looking surface water.
    All waterways where an OPG dam or hydroelectric station is located have
well-positioned warning signs, buoys, fences, booms and barriers. People
ignoring these signs can face charges and fines of up to $2,000. offers the public a number of educational materials on water
safety around dams and hydroelectric stations including a brochure, a DVD for
adults and an educational interactive computer game for children.

    Ontario Power Generation has a proud history of serving the people and
industry of Ontario with clean, safe and reliable electricity.

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For further information: OPG MEDIA CONTACT: Media Desk - 1-877-592-4008
or (416) 592-4008; OPP MEDIA CONTACT: Sgt Dave Moffatt, Marine Programs,
Ontario Provincial Police, Off: (705) 329-6125, Cell: (705) 644-1097