Don't take a holiday from water safety this weekend

Oct 7, 2009

Colder water brings added danger to end of boating season

TORONTO, Oct. 7 /CNW/ - With winter approaching, boaters are often looking for "one last trip" while others use the long weekend to explore the outdoors and enjoy the fall colours near lakes and rivers, but they should use extra caution as the cooler water temperatures bring an added danger.

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) and the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) are reminding people that Thanksgiving is no time to forget this common sense water safety rule: Stay Clear! Stay Safe! near hydroelectric stations and dams.

Hydroelectric facilities are often remotely controlled to generate electricity as needed. This causes frequent and rapid changes in the water flow. This can create sudden changes in water levels, strong undertows, turbulence and sudden, powerful surges of water moving downstream in what was once calm looking surface water.

All waterways where an OPG dam or hydroelectric station is located have well-positioned warning signs, buoys, fences, booms and barriers.

OPG offers the public a number of educational materials on water safety around dams and hydroelectric stations including a brochure and water safety DVD. OPG also has a television ad that warns people to stay clear, and stay safe near hydroelectric dams and stations. You can view the ad, or request free educational materials by visiting

For further information: MEDIA CONTACTS: OPG Media Desk - 1-877-592-4008 or (416) 592-4008; Sgt K Harrington, Ontario Provincial Police, Marine Programs, (705) 329-6125