Two deaths on and off-road over Thanksgiving Weekend

Oct 14, 2014

OPP Wrap Up Operation Impact

TORONTO, Oct. 14, 2014 /CNW/ - Two young people were victims in fatal on and off-road incidents over the Thanksgiving Long Weekend as the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) joined its policing partners for Operation Impact, a national road safety campaign that focuses on impaired driving, distracted driving, speeding and lack of occupant restraint (the Big 4).

The OPP investigated two separate incidents that cost a 17 and 20 year-old their lives over the weekend. On Saturday, October 11, 2014 a 17 year-old girl died in a motor vehicle collision in Northwestern Ontario.  The OPP investigation revealed that speed was factor in the collision and the victim, who was also the driver, was ejected from the vehicle as a result of not wearing her seat belt.

Speed was also a factor in the second incident on Sunday, October 12, 2014 in which a 20 year-old male in Central Ontario died as a result of losing control of his off-road vehicle (ORV).

This latest road death brings the total number of 2014 motor vehicle fatalities up to 222 and the total number of ORV deaths up to nine (as of October 12, 2014). To this point in 2013, there were 221 motor vehicle fatalities.

The OPP is relieved to see deaths in three of the four Big 4 categories down from last year. The following data reflects year-to-date (to October 12, 2014) totals for road deaths (within OPP jurisdiction) in each of the Big 4 categories, as well as the equivalent year-to-date totals for 2013:

"Big 4" category 2014 2013
Speed-related deaths    52   38
Distraction-related deaths    49   71
(lack of) Seat belt-related deaths    38   51
Alcohol-related deaths    35   61

The OPP is also pleased to report that there were no marine (boating) fatalities over the long weekend.  The number of marine deaths to date (on OPP-patrolled waterways as of October 12, 2014) sits at 20. The number of marine fatalities to this time last year (2013) was also 20.

The OPP would like to thank the many motorists, passengers, pedestrians, ORV enthusiasts and boaters who made the effort to stay safe on Ontario roads, trails and waterways over the weekend.

The OPP added that everyone, police, motorists, off-roaders and boaters must work together to reduce preventable deaths on our highways, trails and waterways. 



SOURCE Ontario Provincial Police

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