Why Commercial Truck Drivers Need to be Among the Safest Drivers

Jun 15, 2015

OPP to Partner with MTO for Operation Corridor

AURORA, ON, June 15, 2015 /CNW/ - Over the past ten years (since 2005), more than 700 people have died on Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) patrolled roads in collisions involving large commercial transport trucks.

Large transport trucks are involved in thousands of road collisions in Ontario every year. Last year (2014) there were 6,140 such collisions and 69 people lost their lives.  Most (65) of the deceased were in another vehicle involved in the collision compared to four victims who were the driver of the truck.    

From June 16 to 17, 2015, the OPP is partnering with the Ministry of Transportation for Operation Corridor, an annual 24-hour traffic safety initiative that focuses on high police visibility, enforcement and safety education aimed at commercial truck drivers who travel on major Ontario highways.

"Over and above the increased risk of death and serious injuries, a collision on a major highway involving a large truck often results in a highway closure that can last for many hours.  This has a significant impact on the movement of traffic and goods, making these types of collisions among the most disruptive and socially and economically costly," said OPP Deputy Commissioner (Brad) Blair, Provincial Commander of Traffic Safety and Operational Support.    

Whether from Ontario, another province or south of the border, the OPP is counting on all commercial transport truck drivers who drive on Ontario highways to help keep them safe for all road users. They can do so by ensuring the safe movement and condition of their vehicles every day and by making a commitment to being among the safest drivers on the road.


Commercial Vehicle Safety in Ontario (MTO)

SOURCE Ontario Provincial Police

For further information: Contacts by OPP Region: Highway Safety Division: Sergeant Kerry Schmidt, Phone: (416) 460-4701, Central Region: A/Sgt. Lynda Cranney, Phone: (705) 330-3738, East Region: Sergeant Kristine Rae, Phone: (613) 285-2750, Northwest Region: Sergeant Shelley Garr, Phone: (807) 473-2734, North East Region: Sergeant Carolle Dionne, Phone: (705) 845-2738; West Region: Sergeant Dave Rektor, Phone: (519) 652-4156